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Fixing All Emissions Test Failures

In York County, the State of Pennsylvania has mandated that automobile owners have to pass an annual emissions and safety inspection. Not only does this keep our roads free of vehicles that aren’t up to state safety standards, it also keeps the air clean. Emissions testing prevents our cars from giving off harmful amounts of chemicals. Left unchecked by a certified inspection centers, our cars will emit pollutants into our air everyday. While these policies have been put into action with the best interests of Pennsylvania residents in mind, it doesn’t always mean it’s convenient for drivers to get these things checked out.

That Time of Year Again? Get Your Emissions Test

We make your emissions testing process as convenient as possible. Our inspections run as quickly and as seamless as possible. After we administer our test, we are available for consultation about how to solve the problem. There may be an issue involving your vehicle’s exhaust or catalytic converter. These problems will delay your vehicle from meeting the state’s standards. We are able to quickly test, diagnose, and repair any of your vehicle’s issues. Just remember, whatever problems your mandatory emissions test presents, you can have it fixed by us.

Where York, PA Drivers Clear the Air

The average car today produces anywhere between 4-5 tons of carbon dioxide per year. If it weren’t for catalytic converters, that number would be even greater. Originally introduced in 1975, catalytic converters were developed and implemented to reduce the amount of harmful pollutants being released into the air from vehicle’s exhaust systems. If your car is currently producing an excessive amount of exhaust from its tailpipe or your ‘check engine light’ is on, you may have an issue with your vehicle’s catalytic converter. Nothing to lose sleep over. Just bring your car into C.R. Smith’s Radiator & Auto Repair to avoid further damage to your vehicle and our clean air here in Pennsylvania!