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Time For An Oil Change?

Your oil change intervals should be determined by the professional automotive technicians at C.R. Smith Radiator & Auto Repair. We take a variety of factors into account, such as driving conditions, driving habits, and age of your vehicle. Every vehicle drives under its own conditions, so drivers should have lube services performed on a case by case basis. The general rule of thumb for most cars is every 3,000 miles or 3 months whichever comes first. Most modern cars can go longer but your driving habits are the biggest factor in determining how often you should have your oil changed. A lot of people consider their daily drive to be ‘normal’ or ‘ideal’ driving conditions when in actuality they are considered to be ‘severe’ driving conditions by the manufacturer. Stop and go traffic may not be advantageous to your vehicle, and varying weather conditions can also increase the frequency that oil changes are needed. Feel free to stop by C.R. Smith Radiator & Auto Repair. We’ll take a look at your oil and fluid levels, making sure that your car is well prepared for daily commutes or a long trip.

Before Your Next Road Trip – Timely Oil Change

Your engine needs quality oil. It coats and protects the moving parts of your engine by reducing friction and preventing heat build-up. They are a dangerous combination, and two of your engine’s worst nightmares. A good practice is to check your oil levels whenever you fill up your tank. Look for any irregularities in your oil such as bubbles or foaming as these can be symptoms of other issues. Be sure to consult our expert technicians if you have any questions. They will be happy to go over all of your automotive needs in great detail, so you can stay informed and make the best decisions when it comes to your vehicle.

Keep Your Engine Clean – Change Oil Filters

Not only does your motor oil protect your engine from friction and prevent metal to metal contact, it also cleans your engine from contaminants and impurities. These contaminants are deposited in your oil filter. During the 3,000 miles or 3 months between your oil changes, the oil filter becomes saturated with all the dirt, various metal shavings, grime and needs to be changed. At C.R. Smith Radiator & Auto Repair we will use the oil and oil filter that is best for your vehicle, going over all your options before performing the service. We make oil changes quick and simple for your convenience. Want to pick a time that works best for you? Call us or fill out our online appointment maker today! We are located at 2515 W. Market St. York, PA 17404.