Certified State Inspection Location - York, PA

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Come Here For Your Annual State Vehicle Inspections

Here at C.R. Smith we provide Safety Inspections and State Emissions testing, and can perform any repairs needed to get your vehicle approved. We are Penndot Certified and recognized by the state of Pennsylvania as an official automobile inspection station. Whether you want to renew your annual vehicle registration or you recently moved to PA, you are required to pass both inspections. In order to obtain the proper tags on their license plate and bring the registration current come to C.R. Smith for your inspection. In addition, the state will not allow a vehicle to get its safety inspection done before the emissions tests. Bring your car over to C.R. Smith Radiator & Auto Repair. It’s our goal to be the one stop shop for your safety inspection needs and to have you on your way in no time.

New to PA? Get Your Vehicle Inspected Here

The state inspection rules are not the same everywhere. Some states require both emissions testing and vehicle safety inspections. Others only require one, and some require none in order to register your vehicle. Well, if you’re new to PA, we’re one of the “safer” states. We require our cars to meet an emissions standard and a vehicle safety standard. If you’re coming from one of these other states, you will need to make sure your car is meeting the state’s standards. We can handle all your inspections and emissions testing requirements. You should not have to leave without our assistance getting your vehicle to pass.

Registration Due? Get Your Vehicle Inspected Here

For most states, your car will need to pass its particular standards in order to register your car. This registration usually lasts a year, and if you’ve been in PA for a while, you’re already used to the process. If it’s that time for renewal again, we are an official PA emission and vehicle inspection location. We can definitely keep your car passing inspections, and prevent any delays in your registration. When your car isn’t registered that can have a domino effect on all your other automotive needs, such as insurance and licensing. Don’t delay, and stop by today so we can make sure your vehicle is in tip top shape from headlights to tail pipes.